The Only Office Workstations Maintenance Guide You’ll Need

Office managers usually treat the office furniture buying process as a linear journey which ends when your furniture is installed. Having workstations is actually a cyclical process – you buy, you maintain and then you replace, Office Workstations maintenance saves you money.

Office workstations are a great way to keep the office organized and to maintain the productivity of your employees. Here is the thing – office workstations are more important as an asset than you may know. From a business perspective, you might consider them to be just a set of constantly depreciating furniture; in the real world, they create the ecosystem in which your employees generate the profits for your business. So, eventually, if your employees are comfortable, the bottom lines will soar.

If you want to learn office workstations maintenance tips to enhance their productive life, here is a comprehensive guide for you

If you do the first two maintenance steps properly, you won’t have to worry about the third step for a very long period of time.

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1. Get them installed the right way.

What is the worst way to maintain furniture? Have a badly done installation process. When the furniture is not installed properly, even if it comes to something as simple as back to back office workstations, it is unable to maintain its structural integrity. Sure, your employees will be able to use it for the time being but sooner or later, it will either start showing cracks or will break apart surprisingly. You wouldn’t want either of those.

This is the reason why we put special impetus on delivering quality installation services. We give free delivery and for a nominal charge, we send an expert team to come and install the furniture at your office. This way, your furniture will actually be able to live its entire productive life.

2. Get them serviced at the right time.

Imagine this – you have bought new office desks. You use them consistently for a year or two and then you see that the lower support of the table has a crack and you simply replace it with another piece of wood or even stuffed cardboard. Your table is levelled again and you’re good to go.

Such solutions may work temporarily, but they usually turn out to be disastrous in the long run. Since you don’t have an expert looking into the matter, you never get to know about why the furniture broke and the problem will keep growing until it breaks down the entire thing one day. In the table example, there can be a ton of reasons – extreme weight applied to only one side of the table, the wood quality might have tampered or there might be termites. If you simply put a ‘frugal’ solution in place, you are just inviting more trouble for your employees.

3. Use them judicially.

Many office managers go through this problem. They shift into a new office; order new furniture. Then after a few quarters or years, they have to buy more furniture because they did not conduct proper capacity planning in the first place. Now, they can afford new furniture but they don’t have enough space to put it. So, they just stuff things together.
Tables are rubbing, chairs are cricking and the 2, 3, 4 or 6-person office workstation they bought is under severe pressure. This is the reason why we always start with free office design and a free space planning consultation before we help businesses navigate through their options for the furniture.