How do Office Workstations Change as Your Business Grows?

The sign of a well-oiled piece of machinery and well-managed business is same – all parts move together, in sync. When your business is growing, certain dimensions of your business will grow with it as well. This goes beyond the balance sheet and the capital requirements; this goes through the layers of headcount, the office culture and even the office workstations you must’ve been using all this while.

Investors and business operators often look at a bunch of indicators to see how is the business growing. More often than not, office furniture is not one of these indicators and for accounting purposes, it does not even qualify as one. That said, the office workstations you are using and the way you are using them does show what stage of growth is your business in.

So, if you want to use your office furniture as an implied yardstick of how your business is growing, this guide is for you:

Here is how Office Workstations changes as your business grows

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1. The Early Days.

This is usually the time when there are only a handful of people or only the cofounders in the company. The office space would not be really organized and whatever little furniture exists, will exist to serve several purposes.

For instance, if the founders have bought a back to back office workstation, they would be using it for work, for dining, for taking meetings, for taking up con-calls and everything else that entails the work they are doing.

The focus is on finding the proof of concept and keeping the lights on. If you are in this stage, the furniture would also be playing a silent but critical role in your team.

2. The Days of Growth.

This is the first time the business starts to scale. If it is a consumer business, this would be somewhere around hitting the 10,000th sale or acquiring the same number of customers.

Now, the office will have a more visually structured setting. There would be specific teams, however small in size, sitting in separate corners and getting the job done. This would be the time when the entrepreneurs will decide the kind of office culture they want to have.

If they go for buying a 2, 3, 4 or 6-person office workstation, they are showing the intention to scale teams in the very near future. If you are in this stage of the business, we can help you by providing you with free office design consultation followed by a free space planning consultation. We understand that the business is trying to stay lean and yet keep the growth flourishing, and that remains to be the central aspect of our offerings.

3. The Rise of a Behemoth.

This is the part where everyone in the company would know that this company is special, what it is doing is special and that it is the horse for the long race. The office workstation, ideally, would be much more organized and helping the first few hundred or few thousand employees of the business have a more productive work day, every day. The office manager would have a plan in place to be in tandem with the strategic growth plan of accommodating more employees in the coming future, while still maintaining the aesthetics to ensure the work culture is creativity inducing.

Such businesses are streamlining inefficiencies. We help them by providing free delivery right to their doorsteps and for a small fee, even installing the furniture.