How to choose bestseller when buying office workstations?

Don’t you wonder – what if there was a shortcut to buying office workstations your employees need? Well, some furniture buyers tend to go for the ‘best seller’ trick to get what they are seeking. That said, there are a bunch of problems with straight away buying the best-selling furniture:

a. Bestsellers represent what people, in general, have liked the most. Sure, it gives the piece of furniture a good degree of validation but it does not mean that just because the furniture was right for everyone else, it will be right for you as well.

b. Best-selling furniture often tends to ride the wave of trends. Some specific thing gets into the trend and people buy it. The trend fades away and all of a sudden – people are not interested in it anymore. This may work for businesses who tend to redo their office space every few years; but not for the more judicious businesses who are trying to grow.

So, the idea of buying best-selling furniture is good in spirit. What you should be doing is follow a set of rules that are based on the best-selling office desks or other furniture that you intend to buy. Here is how you can get started with all of it:

Here is how to choose the most ideal office workstations for your team

1. Define what you need at your office.

It is very easy to get lured by the aesthetics of a piece of furniture simply because it is in trend. If a hundred people have bought it for their offices, surely there must be something special about it. What you should be looking for, is the analysis of whether that special something is relevant for your business and office needs.

For instance, suppose you are out to buy a 2, 3, 4 or 6-person office workstation and you get to know about the trend of office managers who are out to buy standing desks for their offices. You go through the trend and you believe it can definitely help your employees.

The only caveat being – the majority of your employees are travelling throughout the week and even at the office, there is open office culture. Now, in this space, what you need are bigger, common working spaces that allow for greater collaboration. Buying with the trend will only make things more complex for you.

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2. Instead of looking at the specific best-selling piece of furniture, look at the category.

Let’s take it further with the same example – sit stand desks. They have become extremely trendy, especially with technology companies. Now, instead of straight away buying a set of such desks for your office, you should look at the category of healthy habits inducing furniture. Beyond the standing desks, there is an entire category of furniture that can be of great help to your employees.

This would include adjustable desks, back to back office workstations, chairs and other pieces of furniture. Focus on the category and you will be able to buy what’s relevant for your business.
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